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Mow Hair provides a Pain Free Peroxide free Teeth whitening procedure which is effective 4 – 9 shades brighter and the procedure is affordable and wont break the budget.

We Have recently partnered with PureSmile to offer an effective Peroxide free or a combination of all natural &  6% Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Treatment.

Teeth can often yellow for many reasons. As well as general ageing causing your teeth to lose their sheen over time, they could also become discoloured from lifestyle habits, such as drinking tea, coffee and wine, or smoking for years on end. Detrimental to your confidence, discoloured teeth can cause you to feel embarrassed in social situations or when attending an exclusive networking event……..On the other hand, effective whitening can give you a brighter smile so you can attend these events with confidence.



Pure Smile is the official teeth whitening partner for the 2017 Miss Universe Australia. If you have ever wondered how the girls keep their smile glowing, wonder no more. You to can have a whiter brighter smile that you to can call your best asset too.

Mow Hair chooses Pure smile for your teeth whitening and by using modern whitening techniques, we give you a beautiful smile that you will love to show off. We all have naturally different shades and our cosmeticians will take absolute care to achieve a colour that suits your natural tones and your complexion. PureSmile use a combination of all natural and 6% hydrogen peroxide formula to create a lasting bright smile.




Quick | Affordable | Effective 

We aim to have a lasting result on your smile, so you can be shades lighter in barely any time at all.

Our Range Of Puresmile Teeth Whitening Treatments

EXECUTIVE  (Peroxide Free)

45 Min Treatment $179

Book Online & Save 20% $143

PLATINUM (Peroxide Free)

60 Min Treatment $199

Book Online & Save 20% $159


60 Min 6% Peroxide Treatment $249

Book Online & Save 20% $199

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