The next time you look for a Gold Coast Blow Dry salon, consider how lucky you are to enjoy the service. Here’s how the average hair salon has evolved over time.

How The Cut And Blow Dry Changed Everything

As modern women, there are so many conveniences that make their beauty regimes easier. Being able to pop into your nearest Gold Coast blow dry salon is one of the them, and we don’t need to struggle with strange tools and products at home when a professional can help us. It’s something we take for granted, so here’s a reminder of how women dealt with it in the past. It shows us just how much the salon cut and blow dry changed everything… THE HISTORY OF THE HAIRCUT Up until the fifties and sixties, women’s hair salons were not as popular or common place as they are today. Most women had their hair done by their servants at home. Traditional styles were favoured, and any women seeking out trendy hairstyles such as the Marcel bob had to turn to a barber for assistance. With the sixties came wide spread electrical access and more sophisticated and affordable haircare appliances. Prior to this, hairdryers weighed several kilos and had a very low wattage, taking hours to dry hair. For the first time it become affordable and practical for hair salons to serve women. THE BIRTH OF THE BLOW DRYER Around the same time that salons where starting to pop up, Mayfair hairdresser Rose Evansky was lamenting the hours she was forced to spend daily on helping clients chemically straighten and tightly curl their hair, before setting it under a dome dryer. Not only was this process costly (making it only accessible to the elite) but it also took considerable time, meaning that a woman in search of a good hairdo would have to resign herself to several uncomfortable hours in a salon chair. One day Rose decided to try rolling wet sections of hair around a spiked barrel brush before drying it with a hand dryer. She soon realised this cut down drying time drastically and was also much more comfortable for the client. It also created a free flowing, natural look, which was a far cry from the stiff structured do's popular in that time. One day the editor of British Vogue witnessed Rose using her new blow wave technique on a customer to get this look, and from that point on the salon blow wave become a staple service known and loved by women all over the world.

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