Refreshed Chic

Refreshed Chic

Admit it. Hair is often what you base your first impression of people on. That’s ok. We don’t judge you. That’s why we take it so seriously and why chic is our catchword at Mow Hair. Come in today and find out what we can do for your first impression.

Refreshed Chic

The word ‘fashionable’ is subjective, especially when related to something as alive and intimate as your hair. It isn’t an object that can be discarded on a whim. What is à la mode in the Gold Coast and Surfer’s Paradise areas? Are we trend setters or followers? Or do we celebrate individuality?

At Mow Hair salon, our answer to that is that stylish elegance is timeless. No matter whether it reflects trendy styles or classic cuts, the quality of the hairdressing and the suitability for each individual is uppermost. Today, the options and palette are almost limitless. And the experience of refreshing your own chic is best when shared.

We like the word ‘chic’ because it means tasteful.
Whether you are going for a new look or an updated classic, you want to choose a hairstyle or colour that enhances your natural beauty. Your style director must understand the ideal shape and texture to frame your face and your master hair colourist must find the perfect match for your skin tone. We encourage you to look in the mirror and get enthused about yourself.

Indulge in the chemistry of enthusiasm.
Perhaps your hair has been showing signs of aging recently, or too much exposure to sun and sea. Maybe it’s dry and feeling lifeless. There’s a lot you can do at home between salon visits to avoid this, but the feeling of rejuvenation when leave the hairdresser is about more than restoring or enhancing the quality of your hair.

The buzz in our salon is contagious, because it is full of anticipation and enthusiasm. We all love the excitement of refreshing our appearance. There are many studies on the relationship between enthusiasm and success. And success is the result of two or more people working in harmony to achieve a desired goal.

Contact us to make an appointment in the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise areas, and be sure to check out some chic hairstyles in our image gallery for motivation and inspiration.